Business Aviation Technology was founded by Greg Johnson, a twenty-five year aviation industry veteran with a lengthy track record of improving results through human factors, industrial engineering, and information management. Simplified, Greg believes that when you deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, the result is nothing short of amazing.

Today making the right decisions at all levels of an organization is more important than ever. Business and the world in general is changing at an ever accelerating pace. Those companies that win are universally those that understand their businesses the best. That understanding is rooted universally in leading edge information technology but more importantly on having the right systems and processes in place to make use of that information in a meaningful, bottom line enhancing way.

Greg has managed aviation fixed base operations, he is also a licensed commercial, multi-engine pilot and flight instructor. He has optimized airline ground handling operations and spent seven years at FedEx where he led a cross functional team of industrial engineers who were given a "no holds barred" mission to improve efficiency and productivity. From there Greg launched one of the first and most successful online air charter brokerage firms - OneSky Jets. In the second quarter of 2010 Greg successfully merged OneSky with Sentient Jet of Weymouth, MA effectively adding the OneSky brand to an expanding portfolio of private jet solutions.


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